Lots of fun to be had in the liquidation business

They don’t want it and don’t have time to sort it so what do they do. This is where the liquidation traders come in to play. They will contract with that store to remove all these boxes every week or so for a small payment. The big liquidators have contracts with lots of stores and chains all over the country and remove tonnes of stock every week. So much so that they have huge warehouses full of this stuff. That is where you come in. These liquidators have to shift this stuff so you can buy it for literally a few cents on the dollar of wholesale price. The more you buy of course the cheaper it will be.
Some liquidators will cater for the small operator with a box full at a time while others will only sell by the pallet or truckload. If you live over seas from the US some liquidators specialize in exporting by the container load so you can stock a whole retail operation at a real cheap price. You can buy all classes of stock from basic clothing through to name brand liquidations. You can buy container loads of furniture, paint, clothes, shoes, hardware,tools, jewelry, electronics etc. In fact, anything you want you can probably get from a liquidation broker and some will even semi franchise to you if you are overseas meaning you can be a broker for your area and just on sell or pre-sell container loads to your local retailers.
It is an interesting business and worth having a look at because there is big money to be made. Just Google liquidation and there will be dozens of companies come up. All are good and some are better than others and there may be an occasional rogue amongst them so do some checking. You will find some forums for liquidation customers and can check on the experience of others with various companies.
Check it out. I am sure you will have fun. Nick